Breadmaking, according to Fabio Bertoni, is an ever-evolving voyage into Taste and our memory of it; a purposeful and careful exercise in style.

Extraordinary master in oven-baked products, including pastry and gastronomy, starting from 1978 Fabio Bertoni has been overseeing all activities related to his family’s shop, which has been in business since 1918.

Fabio Bertoni boasts an international curriculum, frequently appearing on Television shows and often mentioned in weekly and monthly newspapers, local and international alike.

He is a member of the FIC (“Federazione Italiana Cuochi”-Italian Federation of Chefs) and of the FIP (“Federazione Italiana Panificatori”- Italian federation of Breadmakers), in 2004 the Chamber of Commerce of Brescia awarded him with a recognition for his efforts in founding “Youthful Breadmakers”, a federation that provides continuing education on the new practices of the business to young Breadmakers.

Today he is a consultant for breadmaking activities, cuisine, and pastry.