The variety of flavors, fragrances and colors of our products is so rich! Not following the style would be a real shame.

After experiencing Italian and international cuisine, Vincenzo Baldassarre has decided to focus on ice cream, confectionery and chocolate, as well as in perfecting the technique of carving and sculpting vegetables. Lecturer for professional studies on food commodities and for trade techniques in various institutions, he has been director for gastronomic events on behalf of several agents, as well as consultant for the ice cream sector across Europe, Australia, South America and the United States. For about ten years, he has worked together with the companies Bravo and Irinox, with newspapers Il Gelatiere and Dolcesalato, and in 2009 he created the business form "Rosso Arancio - Italian Gelato, follow the flavor" opening several ice cream shops in Russia.