Over the years a real team has been created together with the companies partner of the school, focused on the training of young people and professionals. The constant comparison, the most advanced techniques and technologies, high-performance equipment and tools, top-of-the-range products and raw materials used in the classrooms and in Research and Development environments, are an integral part of CAST Alimenti's teaching tools.


Internship Structures

The personalized internship in highly selected structures together with the expertise of the partners leaders in the world of hospitality, helps to consolidate the skills acquired by our students during the training.


Media Partners / Institutions and Associations

The collaboration with the main trade and generalist magazines, allows to develop and publish editorial content and columns that become trends in the world of professions.

Reference point for the gastronomic world, the school hosts numerous initiatives of associations, organizations and companies in the sector that have elected it as their headquarter. Numerous projects related to the world of universities, for an increasingly rich exchange between academic knowledge and artisan crafts.


Become Our Partner

Being a partner of CAST Alimenti means:

  • Support CAST Alimenti in training activities for young students and participate in the specialization of professionals
  • Become a privileged interlocutor also in communication activities, in research and development activities, for company promotion and as a product supplier
  • Develop a privileged relationship with the school
  • Develop shared promotional activities

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