“1997. CAST Alimenti was born from an idea: “to best convey what it means to be a professional. Ensure that the work and study of a chef or pastry chef is recognized as much as the work of a doctor or a lawyer. Because dedication, effort, hours spent achieving levels of excellence are equal in every profession.”

There was a need for higher education and professional dignity. In Italy there were no schools that prepared chefs, pastry chefs or bakers in which the basics and techniques were taught. Hotel institutes were very backward and with little practical activity. For Iginio Massari (Founder and Honorary President of the Academy of Italian Master Confectioners) it was impossible to go further, there was a need for professional and educational dignity. Everything started from him and Vittorio Santoro, successful pastry chef, that decided to found CAST Alimenti to give everyone the chance to become a professional in all culinary arts. The school was founded together with two fundamental partners: Arte Bianca and Pavoni which realised already in 1997 how important it was to support quality training.

The guarantee represented by the first partners and the unique value of the project, immediately attracted great masters in CAST Alimenti. Scrolling down the list of the first specialized courses in pastry art there are, besides Iginio Massari, professionals like Achille Zoia, Pierpaolo Magni, Luigi Biasetto, Francisco Torreblanca. For chocolate art Eliseo Tonti and for bakery Piergiorgio Giorilli. For culinary art, only to name a few: Claudio Sadler, Vittorio Fusari, Carlo Cracco, Chicco Cerea, Davide Oldani, Sergio Mei, Enrico Derflingher, Nadia Santini, Ezio Santin.

At the beginning CAST Alimenti organized short courses for professionals, immediately followed by longer courses for those who wanted to become a professional and deepen the knowledge of the culinary arts. These courses have become Advanced Diploma courses in all culinary arts: structured courses which, thanks to a precise didactic plan, lead students to stand out among the many who aspire to become real professionals.

Over time, the great masters were joined by new ones, including World Champions such as Emmanuele Forcone, Davide Comaschi, Luigi Bruno D’Angelis.

More than twenty years after its birth, CAST Alimenti is constantly growing, its laboratories are equipped with the most advanced technologies thanks to the collaboration with leading companies. Classrooms are constantly renewed and structured so as to favor as much as possible learning, interaction with teachers and practical individual exercise.

And CAST Alimenti is still growing to add 2000 square meters for training and hospitality: by the end of 2019 the new Green Tower will be inaugurated. To learn more about CAST Alimenti, visit the school.