The educational projects of cast alimenti conquer india

CAST Alimenti will work with AIMS to bring Made in Italy cuisine to India

In recent years, CAST Alimenti has invested heavily in international promotion, creating partnerships by establishing agreements and organizing missions abroad to bring the art of Italian cuisine out of our country, but also to dialogue with other food and wine traditions, promoting international exchanges for students and teachers.

We remember the promotional CAST Alimenti Road Show that, in November, touched four universities in North America.

The missions that led CAST Alimenti to India at the AIMS School of Hospitality & Tourism in Bangalore, and to Dubai, at one of the 10 most prestigious culinary institutes in the world, the ICCA, International Center for Culinary Arts, are very recent.

The mission in India has been a great success, giving rise to two significant partnership agreements with the aim of training Indian students and professionals at the "Made in Italy".

Specifically, the first agreement with AIMS is aimed at bringing groups of students from the Indian University in Brescia, at CAST Alimenti, to attend the Advanced Diploma in Italian Culinary and Pastry Arts; the second, with AIMSenrich GEPL, will lead to the establishment of 3 Specialization Masters on 3 Italian typicality ("Italian starters and first courses", "Italian second courses" and "Italian Pastry"), for the updating of Indian professionals graduates at The Culinary Farm - a teaching unit of AIMSenrich GEPL.

These fundamental pacts, which lead to an intense intercultural collaboration with India, were signed by the director of CAST Alimenti Vittorio Santoro and by the CEO of AIMS Institutes, Mrs. Kiran G. Reddy, during the inaugural ceremony of the "Hospitality Week ”- international event of training and meeting between professionals, teachers, students, critics and food lovers, organized by AIMS.

In this occasion, during the round table before the opening ceremony, Vittorio Santoro had reiterated how the focus in internationalization of CAST Alimenti is oriented to long-term educational projects for different "culinary academies" around the world, offering to international foreign students a typically Italian “food experience”, realized through classroom activities, technical-practical laboratories and direct knowledge of the territories and companies where the best of gastronomic Made in Italy is born.

"On a global level there is great attention on the Italian life-style, especially with regard to food", declared Santoro, "an essential element of the  Italian experience. The gastronomic Made in Italy represents our country and its culture, for its recognition and international attractiveness, for the ability to generate sharing and story. Eating Italian is, all over the world, a style to learn, live and tell. The gastronomic offer and the professionalism of the tradesmen in the crafts of taste fit powerfully between culture, raw materials, territory, hospitality ... And that's why CAST Alimenti, from always, adopts a training model thanks to which students - Italians and foreigners - learn techniques and methods, but above all live creativity and incommensurable sensations that make Italian cuisine unique, thanks to direct experiences in the production companies, but also tin trendy clubs, artisan workshops and wineries."

Also the mission of CAST Alimenti in Dubai was fruitful in this direction: a relationship of fundamental importance was born with ICCA (International Center for Culinary Arts) in view of future collaboration agreements, of the kind signed in Bangalore.

So CAST Alimenti, full speed ahead!

The educational projects of cast alimenti conquer india
The educational projects of cast alimenti conquer india
The educational projects of cast alimenti conquer india