North America is

It is official. Two years after CAST Alimenti’s first US food industry fair, back at the summer Fancy Food Show in 2017, North America has been served with a nice hot platter of Italian culinary perfection, and they love it!

Back in 2018, our North American office reached out to Johnson & Wales University in Providence, and as most of our readers know, that partnership bloomed beautifully culminating in JW’s presence at SIGEP 2019 as an representative for the United States’ pastry culture.

But let us take a step back and point out a few things.

Johnson & Wales University, for whoever may not know, is one of the US’s most prestigious culinary institutions. In the very heart of New England, specifically in Providence, Rhode Island, a quaint little city reminiscent of the Old Continent, their main campus is right on the bay, and host several facilities such as a student-run wine tasting bar; several laboratories open every day - even when they could be off from work, professors and students meet in the labs to practice and perfect their craft; different student-operated restaurants differentiated based on the year the students are in that offer Asian cuisine, bistro cuisine, and fine dining.

We last visited the campus in Providence in November last year to showcase a few recipes, such as Carbonara and Tomato Risotto with Anchovies and Buffalo Mozzarella Gelato, with Chef Nicola Michieletto, and we were so lucky to work with some amazing students, and even more amazing teachers; a special thanks goes to Chefs Mirabello and Brown.

On that occasion, Lisa Miotello, Chef Brown, and the collective effort of JWU and CAST Alimenti concocted what became the two institutes’ current intentions to collaborate.

Nothing is set in stone, but the mutual understanding is to start by fostering a Faculty Exchange Program in the near future, as these two realities have a common goal: educating new generations at the maximum level of Culinary Mastery.

None of this would have happened without the foresight of the outstanding people leading these institutions, and the ambition of the Director Mr. Vittorio Santoro who, four years ago, knew that CAST Alimenti's crucial goal was to export Italy’s and its rich food culture abroad, and kept pushing for the North American office to dare and go big since then!

Although no one at CAST Alimenti will never forget your first visit with us in Italy, and a special mention goes to students Steven and Hannah for being such good and entrepreneurial ambassadors, CAST Alimenti is very much looking forward for the next steps into this wonderful journey with our friends at JWU.