Fall program CAST Alimenti 2018

Educational Activities starting from this upcoming October

CAST Alimenti has 20 years experience in all areas of the Italian Culinary Arts and offers good design programs specifically for students all over the world in the areas of baking, pastry, gelato and cuisine

A brief look at our English-taught courses timeline for this upcoming Fall:

  • Pasta: Foundation and Evolution” for creating fresh pasta and first courses which distinguish the Italian gourmet style - from 22nd to 26th October.
  • Italian Pasticceria: Pastry and Dessert” for the preparation of some traditional Italian pastries reinterpreted according to modern trends - from October 29th until Novembre the 3rd.
  • "Artisan Breads and Hearth Baking" for the preparation of typical Italian gourmets, such as bread, pizza and focaccia -  from 5th to 9th November.
  • Last but not least, “Artisan Gelato”  for preparing Italian artisan gelato specialities - from November 12th until November 16th.

These programs suited to anybody looking to understand the fundamental aspects of Italian cuisine: our teachers and techniques are up-to-date and everything that we experience is at the forefront of all the culinary arts in Italy today.

It is an opportunity for international professionals to stay up to date with Italian Cuisine in the current culinary platform, and also an opportunity for those approaching Italian cuisine for the first time to gain a rounded perspective on the food of Italy, and also to understand the culture and territory at its heart with a complete Real Italy Experience. This is a unique opportunity to learn with an elite team of Italian chefs, both innovative and at the top of their field, and spend an unforgettable experience in Italy, full of opportunities for fun and entertainment. 

Our educational activities respond to the need for a 'short' program, that still delivers results, high intensity, but designed according to the needs and request of individual students.

The classes are limited, so that all of our students have the maximum time with their instructors and also time to learn from each other.

Each program is taught in English, where English is impossible we're taught with English instructors chef instructors.

With the addition of each program we also offer excursions that complement each of the programs that we run. So that the students are not only able to see the cooking techniques, but also to get a better idea of the understanding of the culture behind the Italian cuisine which is really important part of everything that we teach and understanding the tradition of Italian cuisine and the fundamentals in the basis is forms our culture.

All of our programs are all-inclusive so we have inclusive of meals accommodations and transfers. So from the time you arrive at CAST Alimenti to the time you leave you're completely in our hands!

Certified Educational Institute