CAST Alimenti at SIGEP’s 40th Edition

Ever so International, Innovative, and Interactive

Just like last year, CAST Alimenti - the School of Crafts of Taste of Brescia, IEG partner for the organization and management of the didactic part of the fair’s events - is attending Sigep, in Rimini from 19 to January 23, as the expo’s only culinary school.
The theme that will characterize the participation of CAST in this 40th edition of the International Exhibition of Ice Cream, Pastry, Bakery, and Artisan Coffee is very current and innovative: the internationalization of teaching.
For this purpose, a demo space has been designed and set up to host “taste samples” of all the different arts taught within the school, in both Italian and English.

Among the various bilingual demos, you will find a spotlight for the brand new Advanced Training Course for Catering and Hotel Pastry Chefs, which CAST offers as the first and only school in Italy. The course will start next January 28 and will focus on training students to be able to meet the needs of international customers of renowned hotels and restaurants.

During the Fair, the new "Made in CAST Italy" project will also be presented. These are special courses that CAST holds at its headquarters in Brescia, designed and studied specifically for those foreign students and business pros who wish to learn Italian cuisine and have an interest in the food industry’s many disciplines, and the preparations and typical Italian products famous in the world (such as fresh pasta and pasta dishes, bread, ice cream and pastry).

These courses will, therefore, be taught in English and can be tailored to groups or classes from colleges (or anybody who might be interested), and customized:

  • in duration - from one week to several months
  • in content
  • In disciplines
  • in how the course is divided between the practical and the theoretical lessons
  • In where the activities will take place: in the classroom or outdoors.

Making Italian cuisine known and discovered abroad, but also brushing shoulders with other food and wine traditions, and fostering mutual international exchanges for students and teaching staff, has always been an important mission for CAST Alimenti.
In this spirit, one of our most recent actions has been to successfully promote CAST Alimenti to some Universities in North America, and some upcoming promotional "missions" have already been organized in Dubai and India.

What makes the internationally-tailored courses held by CAST unique is that, in addition to focusing on Italian cuisine, they offer knowledge and the possibility to study the raw materials, regional specialties and territorial excellences recognized as the heart of Italian cuisine.

As a promoter of Made in Italy culture, CAST wanted its courses to be enriched with visits at the production companies, but also at trendy clubs, artisan workshops, and cellars, to teach how to select and work typical Italian products, but above all, to "live them".

Italian cuisine is made of technique, but it is first and foremost a lifestyle that can only be learned by living it thanks to our teaching philosophy "open to practice and experience".

And always with regard to unique experiences, the highlight of the CAST stand of this edition will be the "WOW" area. Thanks to glasses for immersive 3D and video viewing, those who wish will be able to take a virtual journey inside the school. This innovative idea arises from the awareness of the value and impact of direct and immersive experiences in teaching as in the daily life of CAST.

A reality that must be lived, experienced and seen to be understood and appreciated in its technological component and its solid value.
To confirm that this year the participation of CAST in Sigep will be more dynamic and international than ever, Sunday 20 will be dedicated to the delegation from Johnson Wales University, guests of CAST, who, Monday 21, will participate in the International Pastry Camp preparing a typical American dessert.