CAST Alimenti’s 2020 Inauguration Party for the New Green Tower

CAST Alimenti: new year, new training!

On January 8th, within the spaces of the new Green Tower, CAST Alimenti inaugurated the start of the 2020 academic year, a party hosted by none other than Iginio Massari, honorary president of the School, and starred chef Riccardo Camanini, of Lido48 in Gardone Riviera.

The year is already off to a great, and green, start! The new amenities found in the tower are eco-friendly and modern, designed to house our students and interns, with all the comfort of a high-class college dorm. Each room hosts two people, with a shared full bathroom and two desks. A few common spaces include a dining hall and a hydroponic garden.

We all know how daunting it can be to spend weeks abroad, especially for young students, but with the inauguration of the tower, we are sure to be able to accommodate and cater to the needs of any guest, and it will be as if they never left the hospitality of their homes.

Vittorio Santoro, co-founder, and dean of CAST Alimenti reminded us why we pushed so hard for the construction of this new and technologically advanced space: “Education never stops, it is to strive for progress, towards the future.”

It must be obvious then that a center for the sharing of knowledge, a school for all aspects of the culinary world, must innovate itself to help students push business into a new era.

In fact, since our opening in 1997, our academic offering has been growing in volume and areas of interest, becoming what we have prepared for you today: Higher Education courses, for culinary students wanting to reach a new level, Specialization courses, graduate studies for experts in search of updating, and Business Management courses, aimed to teach the fundamentals of proper company management.

In 2020 we will re-confirm the start of our best courses taught in English, like Pasta, foundation and evolution; Artisan Breads and Hearth Baking; Italian Pasticceria, pastry and dessert; Artisan Gelato.

On top of that, the menu offers Professional Advanced Diplomas in Italina Culinary and Pastry Arts and Master courses that can be customized to suit any specific requirement, even the most demanding.

Moreover, we will host 95 masterclasses catered to field experts, for a grand total of 220 days of lectures.

See you around foodies!