Price: 2,850.00 euros + 22% Italian tax not applicable to corporate businesses

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Intensive course for creating fresh pasta and first courses which distinguish the Italian gourmet style.

The course is suitable for:

  • Established professionals and chef instructors who want to deepen their knowledge on Italian cuisine
  • Students in culinary arts with an elementary knowledge on food products and processing techniques
  • Food enthusiasts and entrepreneurs looking to enter the world of Artisan Pasta

Program Overview

Pasta has become a recurring item on restaurant menus across the globe, regardless of restaurant orientation. For the consumer, pasta is a healthy and tasty menu item, and for chefs it represents considerable profits and a dish that has no limitations, making it always easy and flexible. Each day offers complete hands on lessons where students will learn regionalism, understand where pasta comes from, and therefore be able to choose suitable condiments and sauces for any pasta they use. The course covers all the distinctive preparations: dried pasta, stuffed fresh pasta, gnocchi, rice and risottos. All dishes will be proposed by comparing the traditional version of the recipe with the creative reinterpretation of the Chef, to make them even tastier and more pleasing aesthetically. This week is a colourful buffet of one of Italy’s most prized menu items.

Course Contents

  • Notions and history of the Italian cuisine and its typical and regional traditions;
  • Understanding of some of the most typical Italian products, such as EVO oils, cheeses, vegetables, and sensory analysis and comparison of different varieties (as an example, different types of tomatoes);
  • Processing techniques for various shapes of pasta, smooth pasta, short pasta, long pasta;
  • Processing techniques for coloured pasta, pasta with different fillings, egg-based and gluten-free pasta;
  • A new series of innovative stuffed pastas and baked “gratinati” will be introduced;
  • Demonstrating the technique of developing new recipes based on market availability and cost factors;
  • Hands-on preparation of a series of Gnocchi;
  • Hands-on preparation of a series of Risotto;
  • Techniques and sensory criteria for the correct combination of ingredients: contrasts and balance, texture, use of herbs and spices, the construction of a balanced recipe according to the sensorial, nutritional and healthy criteria.

Course focus

  • Tradition and innovation in Italian first courses
  • Distinctive preparation techniques
  • The history of Italian cuisine and pasta

Teaching methods

The course is mainly practical and includes individual and group training.

Learning Tools

Each participant will receive educational tools, in reference to the course material, containing both theoretical information, as well as recipes.

Course Schedule

5 working days (1 week, Mon-Fri), class attendance goes from 9.am to 4.pm.

Certificate Presentation

At the end of the course, CAST Alimenti will provide all participants with a certificate of attendance.

The price includes: proficient educators, fully-equipped classrooms/laboratories, classroom assistants, raw materials, educational resources, language assistance during the course, lunch & coffee break throughout the course, dinners and accommodation.

The price does not include: Italian IVA tax (+22%), which is not applicable to companies with a VAT registration number; flight tickets & transfer to/from airport, insurance, personal expenses (e.g. telephone, internet).

Language: English

Maximum attendance per class/lab: 15 students

This program will be held at CAST Alimenti’s headquarters in Brescia, Italy - Via Serenissima, 5

A full professional chef uniform is required to attend all classes (jacket, trousers, hat, and shoes); the School’s branded uniforms are available on request.