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From 9/2/2019 to 10/25/2019

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An example of a possible program available on demand to learn Italian pastry and cuisine

Very comprehensive and specific, this Master Course in Italian Cuisine and Pastry is an 8 weeks training program providing about 300 training hours; entirely practical and operational, every and each participant will be able to acquaint with a whole lot of secrets behind preparing typical Italian courses, as well as with the most famous Italian pastries.

Fully-equipped classrooms

Fully-equipped classrooms

Authentic Italian ingredients

Authentic Italian ingredients

Field trips

Field trips

Our course strengths

  • Master Professors certified by CAST Alimenti
  • Individual multiuse workstations
  • Multipurpose training laboratories with the most advanced equipment
  • Language assistance during the course
  • Authentic Italian ingredients to learn the real Italian cousine
  • All inclusive: meals, coffee breaks and accommodation throughout the course
  • Didactic field trips to discover Italian landscape and products


  • 8 weeks
  • 300 training hours

The course is addressed to:

  • All those who want to improve their knowledge and skills in Italian cuisine and pastry;
  • Trainees and professionals in culinary and/or pastry arts;
  • Students at tourism and hospitality institutes with a elementary knowledge of food products and processing techniques wishing to deepen knowledge on Italian cuisine and pastry.


  • Master Professors certified by CAST Alimenti, all actual expert in their field
  • During lessons, chef instructors will illustrate product features in details, representing different preparations as well
  • Professors will then organize students’ set up for their own practical performance.

Course focus:

  • Tradition and innovation in Italian cuisine and pastry
  • Distinctive preparation techniques
  • Understanding of typical Italian products

The contents

Teaching methods

The method is both demonstrative and practical.

During lessons, chef instructors will illustrate product features in details, representing different preparations as well; professors will then organize students’ set up for their own practical performance.

Hands-on sections can be managed in different ways, depending on the subject and on the daily educational program, and can be displayed in individual work, in couples, or in groups of four or more students.

The purpose of such setting is to enable students

  • to master techniques of food planning and processing,
  • as well as to correctly present dishes of the Italian typical Cuisine and Pastry,
  • planned and processed with either classical and modern cooking techniques,
  • to know how to illustrate the main characteristics of the ingredients composing the product.

Learning Tools

Each participant will receive educational tools, in reference to the course material, containing both theoretical information, as well as recipes.

Course Schedule

5 working days (8 weeks, Mon-Fri), approx. 8 hours a day, class attendance goes from 9.am to 4.pm.

Certificate Presentation

At the end of the course, CAST Alimenti will provide all participants with a certificate of attendance.

Price includes:

  • Expert Professors, selected by  CAST Alimenti among the best specialists in the Italian culinary and pastry industry;
  • Utilization of hi-tech classes and/or labs, fully provided with the most advanced technical tools and equipment;
  • CAST Alimenti Staff’s support all along the Course;
  • All necessary ingredients;
  • Recipe book and educational material in English;
  • Translating/interpreting service during lessons;
  • Mid and final individual evaluation reports by each professor, Italian lecturer’s included;
  • Lunch service and coffee breaks; student will be provided with all necessary ingredients to be able to prepare dinners on their own at their places;
  • Accommodation in Brescia within 15min driving distance in multi beds facility/dorm, men and women separately;
  • Tutoring in English all along the Course (3 hours/day, from Monday to Friday);
  • Transfers from/to arrival/departing airport;
  • Daily transfers from/to CAST Alimenti and accommodation in Brescia;
  • No 3 guided didactic tours, including transfers by private coach, admission fees, food&beverage tasting and paring;
  • Meals provision for the weekends;
  • Chaperons appointed by CAST Alimenti available to attendees beside school hours providing all necessary daily practical assistance; 

Price does not include:

  • IVA Italian tax (+22%), which is not applicable to US corporates;
  • Air fares, travel insurance, pocket money.

Language: English

Maximum attendance per class/lab: 20 students

This program will be held at CAST Alimenti’s headquarters in Brescia, Italy - Via Serenissima, 5

A full professional chef uniform is required to attend all classes (jacket, trousers, hat, and shoes);  the School’s branded uniforms are available on request.

Why choose CAST Alimenti

  • Our history: as we have more than 20 years experience
  • For our great chef instructors
  • As we are the School of World Champions, we only teach the excellence
  • As we are leaders in tradition and innovation
  • As we partner with international culinary colleges, like Culinary Institute of America and Monroe College just to name few like Culinary Institute of America (New York, United States), Monroe College (New York, United States), Fanshawe College (London, Canada), Johnson & Wales University (Providence Campus), International Centre for Culinary Arts - ICCA Dubai, AIMS Institutes (Bangalore, India), just to name few.

Are you a school?

Help your students to find out the right course for them in Italy. For further information please contact: Mrs. Michela Martini at m.martini@castalimenti.it, Didactic Board at CAST Alimenti, Brescia - Italy / Mrs. Lisa Miotello Cochran at lmiotello@hotmail.com, representative for USA & Canada, Ohio - USA

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