CAST Alimenti strongly believes study abroad is essential, as globalization is changing the way the world works, and employers are increasingly looking for workforces who have culinary experience achieved in Italy – homeland for delicious and healthy food.

Whether you are a young student, a chef Instructor or an established professional, CAST Alimenti is the place you want to be for getting ready to succeed in the global economy and progress in your career ambitions.

CAST Alimenti Board of Education and ita Faculty are now proud to announce the release of a whole new set of mostly hands-on courses and activities specifically taught in English, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education University and Research, the Region of Lombardy, and endorsed by the Italian National Association of FoodTechnologists; moreover, all programs comply with the ISO 9001Quality System: 2008

"I was mesmerized by all the activity, the smell, taste and appearance of the local Italian food, the coming and going students and staff, the end-of-the-week buffets and final presentations and the adventures to experience the local area with friends and colleagues. Italy was definitely a wise choice to extern. I am proud to have had the opportunity to become part of the CAST Alimenti family." 

Jennifer Rice Feb 2017

Admission to such courses entitles participants to advantage of a wide range of benefits, among those:

  • Expert Professors, certified by CAST Alimenti Board of Education as the best specialists in the Italian culinary and pastry industry;
  • Utilization of hi-tech classes and/or labs, fully provided with the most advanced technical tools and equipment;
  • English spoken Staff for technical support;
  • All necessary ingredients;
  • Recipe book and educational materials;
  • Certificate of Attendance signed by CAST Alimenti Board of Education and Faculty;
  • Individual evaluation Faculty reviews;
  • Tutoring/Orientating;
  • Lunch and coffee breaks;
  • Accommodation in Brescia within short driving distance; frequently run public transportation available 24/7;
  • Transfers from/to arrival/departing airport;
  • Daily transfers from/to CAST Alimenti and accommodations;
  • Field trips including transfers by private coach, admission fees, food&beverage tasting and paring;
  • Chaperons available to attendees beside school hours providing all necessary daily practical assistance

Specific conditions for each course are detailed on each course page.

Training activities in English

The method is both demonstrative and hands-on. During lessons, chef instructors illustrate product features in details, representing different preparations as well; professors then organize students’ set up for their own practical performance. 

Hands-on sections can be managed in different ways, depending on the subject and on the daily educational program, and can be displayed in individual work, in couples, or in groups of four or more students.

The purpose of such setting is to enable attendees

  • to master techniques of food planning and processing,

  • as well as to correctly present dishes of the Italian typical Cuisine and Pastry,

  • planned and processed with either classical and modern cooking techniques,

  • to know how to illustrate the main characteristics of the ingredients composing the product.

Every sitting ends with a tasting session with the recipes prepared.


The fee does not include:

  • IVA Italian tax (+22%), which is not applicable to non-Italian corporates;

  • Air fares, travel insurance, pocket money

A full professional chef uniform is required to attend all classes (jacket, trousers, hat, andshoes); upon request, School's branded uniforms are available at special prices.

Courses are activated upon registration of min. 8 participants; confirmation on course activation is given within 21 days from the start of the course


For further information please contact:

Mrs. Michela Martini at, Didactic Board at CAST Alimenti, Brescia - Italy

Mrs. Lisa Miotello Cochran at, representative for USA & Canada, Ohio - USA

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