The school of world champions

From Paris, and from all months spent in Cast Alimenti to get ready for the competition, I came back home with an important wealth: what I have did to win is achieved for the everyday work in  bakery
Davide Comaschi

CAST Alimenti is a birth school for champions,  the training center for individual professionals and teams in all culinary arts (cooking, pastry, ice cream and bakery), attending national and international contests.

It is the School with the highest number of world championship titles in culinary disciplines – today, fourteen can be counted; thanks to the presence of great Masters and young professionals that aim to the excellence, it is considered the major landmark and an elective place for researching and developing Made in Italy in culinary arts.

Training for competitions and attending national and international sideline events represent a great opportunity for CAST Alimenti and its Masters to improve self-discipline, precision, commitment, and perseverance, to operate innovative product exploration, as well as to experiment more innovative and efficient teaching methods.

The latest world titles won

In October 2013, after nine months of training at CAST Alimenti, Davide Comaschi stood on the podium of the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, a significant achievement revealing the excellence of Italy in the art of Pastry, which has consequently given the entire segment a great growing opportunity. Cast Alimenti has celebrated with him its being thirteen times training venue for winners of a world title.

From January to October, Davide Comaschi has worked full-time on his pieces, pralines, desserts and cakes, in a fully dedicated laboratory with restricted entry, in order to keep his techniques secret in view of the competition. He has been supported by Coach Iginio Massari, some of the School Professors, the Chief of workshops Sara Accorroni, and scholarship holder Claudia Bagnis.

In January 2015, after one year of training at CAST Alimenti with the support of Master Iginio Massari, the Italian team lead by Emmanuel Forcone won the world title in the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie in Lyon. It was in 1997 last time Italy climbed the top step of the podium in Pastry.

In January 2016, Italy has won the highest podium at the Gelato World Cup, with the team coached by the Master Diego Crosara, and the Pastry Queen thanks to the victory of Silvia Federica Boldetti. In February Accorroni Sara and Bruno D'Angelis led for the first time Italy on the highest podium of the Mondial Des Arts Sucrés.


17 world titles by CAST Alimenti

Year and place of competition Title won Team
2015 - "Sirha" Event - Lyon (France) Winners of the "Coupe du Monde de laPatisserie" Emmanuele Forcone, Francesco Boccia, Fabrizio Donatone trained by Iginio Massari
2013 - Salon du Chocolate – Paris (France) Winners of World Chocolate Masters Davide Comaschi trained by Iginio Massari
2013 - SIGEP Exhibition- Rimini (Italy) Winners of World Championship “The Star of Sugar” Davide Malizia
2013 - SIGEP Exhibition- Rimini (Italy) Winners of World Championship Juniors in Pastry Gianluca Fiorino e Davide Verga trained by Davide Malizia
2012 - SIGEP Exhibition- Rimini (Italy) Winners of 1st Pastry Queen Prize Sonia Balacchi trained by Diego Crosara e Davide Malizia
2012 - SIGEP Exhibition- Rimini (Italy) Winners of Gelato World Championship Francesco Falasconi, Ernst Knam, Leonardo Ceschin, Andrea Olivieri e Filippo Novelli trained by Pierpaolo Magni, Technical Manager Diego Crosara
2011 - SIGEP Exhibition- Rimini (Italy) Winners of 1st World Championship Junior in Pastry  Antonio Daloiso e Andrea Borgognoni trained by Gianluca Fusto
2010 - SIAB Exhibition- Verona (Italy) Winners of SIAB Bakery Awards Simone Rodolfi, Fabrizio Zucchi trained by Piergiorgio Giorilli
2008 - SIGEP Exhibition- Rimini (Italy) Winners of Gelato World Championship Felice Nichilo, Gaetano Mignano, Lucia Sapia, Gabriele Ferro trained by  Roberto Rinaldini
2007 - "Sirha" Event - Lyon (France) Winners of "Mondial du Pain" Ezio Marinato, Simone Rodolfi trained by Piergiorgio Giorilli
2006 - Luxemburg Winners of  Pastry World Cup for Catering Diego Crosara e Andrea Voltolina
2006 - SIGEP Exhibition- Rimini (Italy) Winners of Gelato World Championship Beppo Tonon, Sergio Colalucci e Roberto Rinaldini trained by Pierpaolo Magni
2004 - SIGEP Exhibition- Rimini (Italy) Winners of Gelato World Championship Leonardo di Carlo, Roberto Lestani trained by Iginio Massari
1997 - "Sirha" Event - Lyon (France) Winners of Gelato World Championship Luigi Biasetto, Luca Mannori, Cristian Beduschi trained by Iginio Massari

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