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“Our centre is at the cutting edge of research, professionalism, technology and art in all culinary disciplines. We are the cornerstone of the whole sector, offering professional skills through rigour and passion.”

Vittorio Santoro, Founder and CEO

CAST Alimenti, i.e. “Centro Arte, Scienza e Tecnologia dell’Alimento” (Food, Art, Science and Technology Centre), is one of the best Italian training and specialization school founded in Brescia in 1997. It is the only centre in Italy providing specific courses in all "mestieri del gusto" (culinary arts) in specially equipped classrooms and laboratories. CAST Alimenti deals with young students and established professionals as well, providing educators and equipments to integrate knowledge and know-hows. Great attention is given to "Made in Italy" products, which are employed during all didactic programs and practical lessons. CAST Alimenti is also the School of World Champions: a training center for individual professionals and teams attending national and international competitions in all Culinary Arts (cuisine, pastry, gelato and bakery).

Over the years the quality of teaching has always remained at the highest levels, thanks to a rich Faculty composed of professionals and chefs, considered among the best in the pastry and culinary sector. A Technical and Scientific Committee is responsible for the accuracy and the correctness of all programs offered by CAST Alimenti. Among the components:

Vittorio Santoro

Founder and CEO of the School

Master Iginio Massari

Founder and Honorary President

Master Gabriele Bozio

teacher and Executive Manager

Our mission

CAST Alimenti mission is to constantly raise the quality standards of all professionals, focusing on values such as:

  • Knowledge and practical skills
  • Innovation and excellence
  • Passion and rigour
  • Experience and networking
  • Specialization

Certifications and recognitions

CAST Alimenti is:

  • Recognised by the Ministry of Education, University and Research
  • Recongnised by the Region of Lombardy
  • Certified according to the ISO 9001 Quality System certification
  • Authorized to issue Formative Credits for members of the Lombardy Technological Food Order