CAST Alimenti, the italian culinary school

Our centre is at the cutting edge of research, professionalism, technology and art in all culinary disciplines. We are the cornerstone of the whole sector, offering professional skills through rigour and passion.
Vittorio Santoro, School Manager

CAST Alimenti, i.e. “Centro Arte, Scienza e Tecnologia dell’Alimento” (Food, Art, Science and Technology Centre), is a training and specialisation school founded in Brescia in 1996.

CAST Alimenti is the only centre in Italy providing specific courses in all "mestieri del gusto" (culinary arts) in specially equipped classroom and laboratories. CAST Alimenti deals with young students and established professionals as well, providing educators and equipment to integrate knowledge and know-hows. It pays great attention to typical "Made in Italy"products, which are employed all through its didactic programmes and practical lessons.

Vittorio Santoro, founder and chairman of the school, has been the school’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) right from the start. Other founders are Franco Foglio (Artebianca) –  Master Iginio Massari (honorary president) and Pavoni Italia. A prestigious technical and scientific committee ensures the accuracy of the learning programme.

Who we address

Beginners in the culinary sector or to those looking for a career switch with a view to becoming professionals in one or more of the culinary arts.

Well-established professionals asking to keep themselves up to date or gain in-depth knowledge of specific topics.

Foreign professionals wishing to attend Italian-style cuisine courses and discover its culture and style life.

What we offer

Knowledge and practical skills Teachers, selected among the best Italian specialists in the culinary business, pass on their students the masterly use of raw materials and the grasp of all procedures and principals, for the best professional performance. All competences are achieved in hi-tech laboratories where any attendee can directly practice information given. Students learn to deal with all kinds of harms and complications typical of the culinary business, in order to keep updated and be inspired by new products and business strategies.

Innovation and excellence The School encourages continuous research and experimentation, with the purpose of creating innovative top quality products and combinations and outstanding performance.

Passion and rigour Students are motivated to learn and grow passion for their job, to become talented top-level professionals able to stand up any situation with commitment and perseverance, while fully respecting professional ethics.

Experience and networking For about 20 years, CAST Alimenti has been training and updating professionals in the culinary arts while constantly promoting "Made in Italy" style and food. It has been supervising students all the way through their professional improvements, from fundamentals to lifelong education, by providing any trainee with a network of important experts and organising internships in prestigious companies; moreover, by offering a newsletter service containing job vacancies, the School has been given its students preferential access to employment.

The School is located in Brescia and is recognised by the Ministry of Education, University and Research and by the Region of Lombardy; furthermore, it complies with the ISO 9001 Quality System certification and the Code of Ethics.

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